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SfS: Bandit: Protector of The Gang by Delui SfS: Bandit: Protector of The Gang by Delui
HNGG This group <33
Bringing back my baby from sots :'DDD

Identification x

Name: Bandit
Nickname(s): --
Gender: Tom/ Male
Age: 3 years
60 % Somali
30 % Javanese
10 % Siamese
Rank: Protector
Faction: Nyota Gang

Religious Belief: Bandit has no faith and doesn't believe in the gods. But in the back of his mind he kind of hopes they're real so he can believe in something real.

Star Sheet: Click here to view 

Voice Actor: Hunter March 

Appearance x

Size: Bandit is quite tall, taller than most
Pelt: A deep, rich brown colour, with lighter underpelt. A very dark brown bandana-like marking on his neck and muzzle area, creating the effect of looking like he's actually wearing a banada.
Eyes: A piercing yellowish green.
Nose/ Paws: His nose is a redish pink and his paws are a dull pink.
Fur: Fur is medium legnth in some areas, but slightly long in others. 
His fur tends to get knots in it.
Tail: Long, bushy tail.
Build: Bandit has a very slim build. Long, skinny legs, curvy body. He is quite tall compared to other cats. 
Scars/ Disabilities: Long scar from gash above the start of his tail; ripped up ears; small, thin scar above right eye.
Accessories: Long, thin string necklace with tiny white pendant in the shape of a 2 part snowman almost.

Scent: Musky; fresh moss; aroma of the start of spring (when snow starts to melt; soil, wood chips)

Sexual Information x

Orientation: Asexual 
Bandit has never felt the desire to mate with anyone, or even show any kind of affection whats so ever. This was influenced by his father.
Status: Single
Bandit may not ever be romantically interested in anyone, but he has noticed some things he likes and doesn't

-Smaller cats
-Lighter pelts
-Blue/ green eyes
-Slim/ swift builds
-Some scars

-Talking back
-Chatter boxes
Activity: Virgin 

Looking For:
Quick Fling x
'Dating' /no mating x
Lasting Relationship x

Interests: --none

Personality x

Manipulative/ Sly || Calm || Rude/ Bold || Sadistic || Self-Hating || Secretly Kind

|| Manipulative/ Sly || Trait from father
Bandit enjoys raising hell; breaking up lovers, making friends turn on each other. The worst thing about it, is that nobody suspects it until he's finished up his work. He's a sly bastard. This is what really makes others not want to get to know him. Because he can very easily manipulate you into making you do something without realizing it, so if you got on his bad side. It wouldn't be very good.

|| Calm ||
This tom is almost always calm. A straight face, he looks relaxed. Relaxed while he harasses others. It's horrible. You could be screaming at him and he'd still just be calm. Bandit would just look like he didn't give a crap about you when he beats you down with his words.

|| Rude/ Bold || Trait from father
"Stop messing everything up. You're just a useless pile of crap
Bandit see's everyone's flaws, and he loves to point them out for you. He feels accomplished if he actually breaks you down into crying. And if he doesn't get you that day, he'll get ya' another.

|| Sadistic || Trait from father
Seeing others cries and emotional pain brings a smile to his face, especially when he does it to them himself. Though, seeing physical pain just makes him cringe. In a way he knows it's bad to like other's pain, but he can't stop. It's like an addiction, carved right into his brain.

|| Self-Hating ||
Soon after his father past. He realized how much of a bad individual he was, though he couldn't start over, he would always be a monster. This brought him into hating himself, sometimes instead of beating others down, he beats himself down into crying.

|| Secretly Kind ||
Though he may not admit it. He can be truly kind when he wants to. Kits and young tyro's really tug on his heart strings and if he see's someone with a hurt paw he'd try and help them even if they shoo him away. Not many notice this part of him, they only see him as a monster.

History x

Mother: Mable Javanese  
Father: Cal Somali/ Siamese

Siblings: --none

Mate: --
Kits: --

Before Birth + Kitten--
Cal was a gatherer, same as Mable.
Cal had a horrible personality. Rude, short-tempered and manipulative. But Mable was a bold and sweet cat. The two had passed a few times in the hideout. They knew each other's names, but that's about it. 
Though, over time, they began to have small talk. Which is quite normal when you're in the same faction. 
Friendly feelings were mutual between the two. It wasn't really a big deal. They didn't speak much though, they had other things to do other than have awkward chat. 
But it soon became a daily occurrence. Every morning before going out for duties, the two would chat a little. Everyday their conversations became more detailed and longer. This led to Cal and Mable becoming good friends. There was no longer awkward small talk, just fun and meaningful conversations. 
After awhile, the two cats began to notice the attraction between themselves. This obviously led to something bigger. During a frisky teasing, they began to feel the attraction again. Cal had mated with Mable. 

Not long after, Mable began getting some weird symptoms. Getting sick, throwing up, belly aches. It was obvious from the start, she was now carrying Cal's kit's. Nothing could be done, it was over. Regret boiled in her swelling belly. What was she thinking? She didn't want Cal as a mate. He was a friend, nothing more.
Connection between the two was lost. This was decided by Mable, not Cal. Cal didn't regret it. Mable did. But now they had lost whatever they had. This enraged Cal, bubbling inside him. He almost just wanted to get rid of Mable for breaking connection, he had thought she had strong feelings for him. Apparently not.
Bandit was born, he looked just like his father. The interesting marking, the dark brown pelt. All from Cal. His father that he had almost no connection with.
Mable had seen the anger in his eyes, she thought it was best for Bandit to just not see his father. Maybe he was dangerous. Heck, he was dangerous. The tom had become distant, anger still rumbling inside of him, ready to burst at any moment. 
Bandit wasn't old enough to know about his father, he hadn't even opened his eyes yet. 

Having only one kit, Mable started feeling better in about a week or two. She felt the need to go on a gathering trip, leaving little Bandit with another mother. Safe in her sight.
Mable caught up with the group that was about to leave. It consisted of Barry, Mona and ..Cal. She couldn't let it get to her, so she just avoided eye contact with the raging cat.
The group was heading towards the town to pick up food for the gang. Though town could be dangerous, it was a gatherers duty to risk themselves for the gang. Mable was a great gatherer, she was swift and quiet. Undetected while looting. She had no worries, but all the way to the town, she felt Cal's eyes on, still burning with great power. Should she not have come? Perhaps not, but it was too late to go back now.
Cal had been wanting to get rid of Mable for some time now, and this was his moment. In town, where it could easily be labeled as an accident. How would he do it?

Mable was pulling fish out of a barrel, throwing them down to the ground below, that feeling had come back. Cal was watching her.. She yanked her head up, still standing on the side of the tall barrel. Where was he? The she-cat couldn't see him anywhere. But out of no where, the tom leaped out from behind another barrel, whipping her from the barrel, onto the ground. Mable yowled out for help. Though Cal was too fast, he knocked the heavy barrel right on top her before she could race away. A raspy mew was the last thing to escape her mouth.
Cal narrowed his eyes as a sadistic smile slid onto his face. She was dead, gone. He had been successful. Now the only thing left to do was to cry to the other gang mates about watching his friend get crushed by a barrel. 
He quickly ran, yowling to Barry and Mona. The two shot their heads up with worried looks on their faces. Cal screamed to them that she was dead, they dropped their loot and began heading back to the hideout.
Mona broke the news to everyone while Barry ran to the mother looking after Bandit, who was also his mate. He quietly told her about Mable and how that Cal should get to raise his son. She agreed.

And with all the sobs around camp, Cal followed Barry over to his son, agreeing to raise him.


Bandit was now a protector tyro and very close with his father. Cal had wanted his son to be a gatherer, but Bandit refused, he wanted to be a protector.
Bandit barely remembered his mother, for he was so young when she died. He was told that there was an accident while she was on a gathering trip and that Cal then had to raise him on his own.
Almost everyone thought it was a horrible idea for Cal to raise Bandit, they were afraid that he would rub off on the bright tyro. And they were right to be scared, because it happened. The gatherer's ways corrupted Bandit's mind. The young tom was becoming rude, manipulative and sadistic. Bandit was never taught to be proper and nice, never taught to keep his thoughts to himself. He had no mother, just a horrible father. His father would always tell him how love didn't exist and that being in a relationship is horrible, that they just use you. Sometimes for intercourse or just to play with your mind. This obviously made Bandit think that love, relationships and intercourse were bad things.

Bandit didn't have any friends because of his personality, he would just make rude remarks, with a calm face. And when the other tyro's would sometimes start to cry, he would just grin.

Early Protector

When Bandit became a protector, he had become almost like a monster. Sure, he could still laugh and be nice for a quick second. But he would usually always be a jerk. Manipulating other cats for fun, raising hell. Making friends hate each other just for the pure pleasure. He was practically just like his father.
Some cats would try and convince him that he must have some good in him, but he would try and prove them wrong, making them either yell at him or cry.
But Bandit did have some kindness in him, he would smile while passing by a young kit or proud tyro. It of course would scare them when he smiled at them. But he still did. Some of the mothers actually appreciated him for taking the time to play with them once in awhile. Most of the mothers wouldn't let him near their young kits or near their grown up kits.
Bandit still denied this good in him. Nobody could convince him.  

Eventually his father fell sick, he was getting old so it didn't really get to him too much. Once in a while he would go and check up on Cal. But most of the time he would say he was too busy.
Bandit wasn't as close to his father anymore, he still looked up to him and took his words to heart. But he was grown up now and didn't need him watching over his shoulder. And of course he didn't want to act like he cared, it would break his "ego". So when the day came that Cal was passing away, Bandit sat beside him, with a straight face, holding back his tears. He remembered Cal as a good tom, raising him the right way. He would harass anyone who called his father a monster.
A few months after Cal's passing, Bandit began to realize that the way he acted was bad. But his ways were part of him now and there was no going back. The tom now somewhat has a deep hatred for himself, he can now admit to being a monster. No longer would he want to laugh and have fun. He was just focused on the fact that he hated who he was. He couldn't change, the tom had tried a few times but he just couldn't.

Current Time--
-nothing yet

Extras x

-Bandit doesn't realize that it he lets himself, he could change his ways
-Bandit doesn't enjoy others physical pain, he enjoys their emotional pain (he's as assface)
-If someone could convince him, he would probably get into a relationship
-No one has ever tried to get to know him and he's never tried to get to know anyone
-Bandit really wants kits, but he's asexual and knows that no one would want to be with him

+ Likes
- Others emotional pain
- Breaking others down
- Running
- ..more to add as character develops

- Dislikes
- Himself/ his ways
- Others insulting his father
- Bringing up his mother
- Admitting that he's a monster
- ..more to add as character develops

- His ways getting out of hand
- Apologizing to others he's hurt
- ..more to add as character develops

Season: Autumn
Activity: Walks, running
Colour: Yellow, Orange
Time of Day: Dawn

Humanized Drawing(s): Click here to view

You're Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring
This song is about a person who will stop at nothing to get what they want, and is a master at manipulating others to further their ends. Its about someone who wises up to this person, and their methods. This explains Bandit's ways and actions.

The Diary- Hollywood Undead
This song is about a "fuck up". Someone who feels like he thinks no one understands him and what he's going through and wishes that he could start over because he doesn't want to be the way he is.  This explains Bandit's feelings, that he is in fact a fuck up and realizes it.

Relationships x

:bulletwhite: Acquaintance
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Mixed / Unknown Feelings
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Despise
Bullet; Purple Unsure
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Wary / Discomfort
Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Stay Away
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Jealous
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Fear
Bullet; Blue Like
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friendly Moments
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Good Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Respect
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Interested in / Questionable
Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Admiration
Bullet; Orange Bonding
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Attachment
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Deep Connection
Bullet; Pink Attraction
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Crushing on
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink Major
Bullet; Red Lust
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Love

Yellow Square Bullet Mentor / Apprentice Yellow Square Bullet 
Pink Square Bullet Mates Pink Square Bullet 
strike Former Feelings strike
Silver Square Bullet  Dead / Missing Silver Square Bullet  (totally didn't steal this..)

RP Example x

(( Taken from The-Golden-Lands ))

"I should head back soon", a flat whisper slithered from the tip of her tongue. 
No one was around to hear the tiny apprentice's words as she wandered around the territory in the black of night. Darkness had engulfed her body, the only visible thing in that black were her green, glowing eyes. The colour of olives. 
Surely someone would eventually be looking for her, but apparently, no one had come looking just yet. For nothing but the quiet huffs of breath coming from the she-cat could be heard. 
Aha, but why was she even out here? The sneaky apprentice wanted to get some training in, hunting to be exact. Facing a challenge will make things easier when you do it normally. In this case, that would be hunting in the dark, when all the creatures come out to play.
So far she hadn't been very lucky, she'd chased a few mice, but that's about it. "..Maybe the challenge is too much of a challenge for me..", Olivepaw murmured, pushing her ears back, slowing her jog into a moderate walk. But soon, the apprentice stopped. Froze in spot as a luminary flash lit up the area around her, her eyes weren't the only thing to be seen now. 
A storm had been stirring in secret right above her head, how could she not have noticed? "Nononono...", a small tear dripped from her eye, to her cheek and swung off as Olivepaw leapt into a run. The tear was soon unnoticeable as rain drops began to heavily fall from the sky, blending with the salty tear. 
A storm. Great. One of her worst fears, it was loud, wet and overall just plain scary. 
A c lap of thunder bounced off every possible object near the terrified cat, leaping straight onto her eardrum, shaking up her whole body. 'I-I need to hide, this is too much, too much!' Her mind screamed to her.
Olivepaw raced through the territory, but came across a hollowed out log, this would have to do. She dragged herself into the rough, tiny space. Tears now streaming down her cheeks and she was completely soaked by the pellets of rain shattering down. 
The she-cat curled up, cold, scared and worried. Her cries barely noticeable through the crashing rain.

RP Information x

It may take me awhile to reply to you, school gets in the way.

Notes: Yes
Skype Chat: sometimes
Comments: No
Chat rooms: No
All Artwork(c) Myself
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